Project Management Services: 

  • Pipeline and Midstream Facilities Capital Expansion Projects
  • Pipeline Abandonment Projects
  • Pipeline Trenchless Crossings
  • Oversight of vendors and contractors, ensuring contractual obligations are met, maintain costs and schedule.
  • Oversight on contractor change management, initiate change orders based on contractor change requests for approval by client.
  • Contractor and vendor invoice approvals.

Mechanical Engineering & Support Services: 

  • Support in Development of Plot Plans, Site Layout Plans, Mechanical Design Drawings, Alignment Sheets, 3D Models
  • Technical Design Reviews
  • Development of Project Specific Operational Isolation Procedures
  • Manage 3rd Party Contractors (Engineering, Environmental, Surveyors, Land Agents, Construction Contractors, etc.)
  • Development of Scope of Work Packages (Clearing, Construction, Fabrication, 3rd Party Inspection, Hot Tapping, NDT, etc.)
  • Development of authenticated drawings and engineering reports
  • Development of Engineering Specifications
  • Coordination with Suppliers and Vendors, technical evaluation of piping materials
  • Construction Oversight, Contractor Management Support Services
  • Review engineering consultants engineering design, limited to pipeline and facilities engineering design for oil and gas midstream operations. This includes but is not limited to pipelines, valve sites, pump stations, LACTs, MOP protection, tanks, and storage facilities.
  • Ensure engineering design meets project and organizational needs.
  • Ensure all parties are adequately consulted to ensure design effectiveness.

LCI also has developed in-house basic pipeline engineering templates and calculations forms. This includes for pipeline hydrostatic pressure test calculations, bend calculations, pipeline design wall thickness, and more!

Wall thickness

Spill Volume

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