Lightheart Consulting Inc. (LCI) is a pipeline engineering consulting firm located in Calgary, Alberta. LCI specializes in providing professional project management and engineering services for large scale energy, oil and gas, and industrial pipeline and facilities projects across Canada.

Services offered include project management and engineering design for mainline pipeline projects, tie-ins, trenchless installations, complex crossings, facility modifications, upgrades, and asset integrity replacements. Facilities design includes mechanical and piping for meter stations, legal and custody transfer (LACT) stations, flow control and pressure regulation, tanks & storage, pumps, pigging equipment, mainline valve sites, and compressor stations. Additional capabilities include acting as owner’s representative for quality assurance of engineering activities, engineering assessments of existing pipelines intended for change in service, re-activation, weld procedures review, design review, and technical documentation development. Design codes used include but not limited to CSA Z662, ASME B31.3, CSA B51 and ASME BPVC.

Familiar with federal and provincial regulatory requirements across Canada to ensure smooth pipeline or facility regulatory application. Services may include regulatory application engineering input, consultation, guidance, and technical audit package.

With assistance of industry professionals, Lightheart Consulting Inc. has capabilities in managing the following engineering disciplines:

  • Civil and Structural Design
  • Mainline Pipelines (Steel & HDPE)
  • Facility Piping
  • Process
  • Electrical and Instrumentation
  • Corrosion Control
  • Stress Design
  • Procurement Support
  • Construction Inspection and Management

Industrial Application Include:

  • Sour Service
  • Hydrocarbons (HVP, LVP, Condensates, Natural Gas)
  • CO2, Hydrogen, and Water