Client/Owner: Plains Midstream Canada
Project: Pipeline Crossing Replacement Program
Role: Project Manager
Year(s): 2018-2019
Description: Plains asset integrity team had identified a number of major watercourse crossing locations in need of replacement throughout the prairie provinces. The projects primarily included engineering design for trench-less crossing methods, geotechnical investigations to support the chosen crossing method, and construction. My involvement in Plains crossing replacement program portfolio included Waterton Open-Cut (construction only), Swift Current Creek HDD (construction only), Red Deer River HDD, and Elbow River HDD. 

Client/Owner: Plains Midstream Canada
Project: Montney to Market (M2M) Pipeline Expansion
Role: Project Engineer
Year(s): 2018
Description: Complete Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) activities for the Montney to Market Pipeline Expansion which did not proceed to construction. The pipeline would have been NPS 16 and 410km in length connecting the Nuvista SemCAMS Wapiti facility to the Plains Westlock Terminal, and include several small diameter laterals for tying in producers along the route. The products to be transported was batched sweet crude oil, condensate, and natural gas liquids with initial design flow rate of 50,000 bpd (331 m3/h) expandable to 78,350 bpd (519 m3/h).  

Client/Owner: ATCO Pipelines
Project: Urban Pipelines’ Replacement (UPR) Program – Conversions Group
Role: Project Engineer
Year(s): 2015-2018
Description: The project consisted of activities aimed to replace and relocate vintage high-pressure natural gas pipelines in Calgary and Edmonton primarily into the Transportation/ Utility Corridors (TUCs) surrounding both cities. The goal of the UPR Program was to improve public safety, modernize the natural gas network and add the capacity needed to meet growing demand for natural gas. The existing pipelines identified for replacement were either abandoned, removed, or transferred to low-pressure distribution service.

Client/Owner: Plains Midstream Canada Ltd.
Project: Indigo Pipeline Project
Role: Pipeline Engineer
Year(s): 2014-2015
Description: The project ultimately was not constructed, though Plains Midstream had planned to build a NPS 12 and NPS 24 dual pipeline system approximately 129.5 km long in a common ditch complete with appurtenances as part of the Plains Indigo Pipeline Project. The pipelines were to initiate at the Owner’s Nipisi Terminal located at LSD 14-02-80-08 W5M, and extend to the Carmon Creek Central Production Facility (CPF) located at LSD 14-14-85-18 W5M.  The NPS 12 pipeline was to transport diluent from Plains Nipisi Terminal to the Carmon Creek CPF, and the NPS 24 pipeline was to transport dilbit from the Carmon Creek CPF to Plains Nipisi Terminal.

Client/Owner: Engineered Air
Project: Clean Air Support Grid Systems
Role: Student Engineer
Year(s): 2013-2014
The task of this project was to develop an automatic welding process to complete the welding of aluminum and stainless steel clean air ceiling grids being manufactured by Engineered Air. The clean air ceiling grids had been manually welding using gas metal arc welding (GMAW) and gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) processes. Also all fit up was done by manual labour. The automation of this process was desired in order to increase the quality and uniformity of the end product as well as increasing the throughput of the plant. In order to accomplish this goal currently available  robotics and welding technology was integrated with a jig and clamp system designed by the project team specifically for the client. The objective was to create a system that will meet Engineered Air’s requirements for quality and speed while staying within a budget that would allow for a 5 year return on investment.

Client/Owner: InterPipeline Ltd.
Project: Foster Creek Mainline Loop
Role: Pipeline Engineer
Year(s): 2012-2013
Description: Inter Pipeline Ltd. constructed 76.3 km of the 914.4 mm OD (NPS 36) Foster Creek Mainline Loop Project as part of its Cold Lake Pipeline system expansion. The Project initiated at IPL’s La Corey Pump Station in LSD 11-30-63-5 W4M, located in the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range (CLAWR) and extended to Foster Creek Junction at LSD 8-17-70-4 W4M, transporting diluted bitumen from the Cold Lake area.

Client/Owner: InterPipeline Ltd.
Project: Cold Lake Mainline South Loop
Role: Pipeline Engineer
Year(s): 2012-2013
Description: IPL expanded its existing Cold Lake Pipeline system. The project comprised of approximately 245 km of 1067 mm OD (NPS 42) pipeline, a series of mainline block valves, and a cathodic protection system. The pipeline currently transports diluted bitumen originating in the Cold Lake Area from La Corey Terminal (12-30-63-5 W4M) to Hardisty Terminal (12-21-42-9 W4M).

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